Sunday, April 20, 2014

An Interesting Article: A Year Without Sugar, One Family's Grand Adventure plus my own grand adventure that I will share!

I found this article: A Year Without Sugar, One Family's Grand Adventure. It is about a family of four (a mom, dad and two children) that went an entire year without sugar. I found the article very interesting so I thought I would share it with you all:

They must of decided to call it a grand adventure because truly going without sugar (and I mean to the point where you seek it out in every food label you read and from that point on you eliminate it) is quite the daunting task. I know because this is a daily thing for me.

My grand adventure for this week was preparing all of the food for a party we had on Friday night (there was a total of 26 people here). Everything I made and prepared had no refined sugar, MSG, gluten, preservatives and all made with minimally processed foods. It took me a day and a half of cooking and preparing and I ended up actually having enough food to feed 50 people.This was quite an accomplishment for me considering I have never cooked for more than 4 or 5 people at the very most and it was even more of a stepping stone considering I have not cooked this new healthy way for anymore than 4 people really. However I did work my way up to cooking in larger quantities by cooking two to three weeks worth of meals in part of one day and then freezing everything (these were just everyday meals not the party foods). I am sorry I do not have any pictures of the foods but I do have what was on the menu:

Bacon Wrapped Prawns (my own recipe - Bacon came from Wholefoods it is uncured with no sugar, nitrates, MSG, preservatives or gluten)

Crab and Artichoke Dip (my own recipe made with home made mayo as a base, mayo recipe I found online)

Veggie Tray with Home Made Ranch Dressing (Ranch Dressing recipe I found online, made with home made mayo as a base, mayo recipe found online)

Little Smokies mini cocktail weenies (no sugar added, no nitrates or preservatives, MSG or gluten)

2 different kinds of hard salami, one was Varzi and the other was Mochetta from Wholefoods (they sliced it there at the counter, I just put it out on trays when the time came) the salami's have no sugars, nitrates, MSG, gluten or preservatives

One large brick of Tillamook Pepper Jack Cheese cut into cubes

2 Wheels of Brie Cheese sliced into small triangles with freshly washed back berries and raspberries

Large bowl of strawberries washed, stems and leaves cut off and berries cut into quarters

Bowl of picante' sauce store bought because it was "safe" for me to eat

Tortilla chips, Juanita's brand made in Hood River Oregon (somewhat local, at least it is made in Oregon where I live) also "safe" to eat

2 kinds of rice crackers (with none of the bad stuff in them) one was sesame and the other was garlic

2 kinds of grapes, green and red globe (huge bowl of freshly washed grapes)

Small bowls of mixed nuts

My house mates tried to convince me to go the easy route and just buy everything (basically they wanted me to buy a bunch of pre-processed foods that they knew THEY would want to eat but I stood my ground and said no!) I explained to them that when I go to parties, I usually always have to bring my own food to eat and it was my dream and goal to have a party where every single thing there was something I could eat. It was quite the accomplishment and I am really happy to say that I actually pulled it off plus everything tasted great!

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