Sunday, May 11, 2014

Know the Truth About Your Food.

One of my friends posted this movie trailer on her social media page. This is for a movie by the name of Fed UP (that is out in theaters now, I have not seen it yet because it just came out on May 9th and I just heard about it this morning). Fed Up is about the growing epidemic of obesity in America. Doctors are now saying that obesity is caused from refined sugars, rather than fat and that people are highly addicted to refined sugar (after I had done my own research I found out that after sugar has been through the refining process it is not at all like its original cane form and is nothing more than a chemical and just like the movie trailer says it is in literally everything). For example sugar can be found in bread, mayonnaise, salsa, pizza dough and much, much more!. I know personally that I am highly addicted to refined sugar and is one of the many reasons I have cut it out of my diet. I truly believe that refined sugars are harmful to everybody on the planet and not just people with weight problems. This is something I have been saying for years.

I think there should be a refined sugar free movement (similar to the gluten free movement) where there are sugar free options in foods and at restaurants. Please note when I say sugar free I am not talking about substituting refined sugar for artificial sweeteners, because those I believe are worse than refined sugars, I am talking about either leaving the sugar out all together because in a lot of circumstances it is completely not a necessary ingredient. I know this first hand because I make these things at home without it. When a recipe requires some type of sugar I substitute it with an unrefined sugar that usually has some beneficial ingredients in it (because I am all about max nutrition). My personal opinion is this: the nation I live in is eating and eating but it is the wrong foods, so most people are constantly hungry because the foods they are eating contain a bunch of fillers, refined sugars and empty calories. So the people here continue to eat to fill those voids that should be filled up with whole foods, so in essence the people here in the United States are really starving.

Check out the trailer and see what you think:

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